kathy s rochester, NY - Sep 30, 2021

I paid 8100 for a roof. supplies were delivered according to estimate. there were supplies left so i ask if they lower the cost , because they didn't use all the supplies they charged on the estimate and i was told no and the extras didn't belong to me, for example if you estimated 10 pk of roofing and didn't use the price should be cheaper, or the left overs should be mine i was told no and they took shingles , ply wood, rolled roofing, and a couple 2x4s not happy with them will never use them agani or recomend them to any one


Our estimators do the best they can to determine what will be needed for a project.  We send extra material to every roofing and siding job that we sell in an effort to ensure that we have enough to complete the job in full. This way, we do not have an entire crew unable to work while they wait for more material or even worse than that, leave a job unfinished until more material is available (which can be a major issue right now.)  When we need the extra material we send, to complete the job per the contract, our customers are not charged for it.  We do not credit a customer for the additional material because they did not pay for it.  Some material, like plywood for example, is brought to the job out of our stock in case of unforseen replacement needed.  It is not material that was included in your project cost, which is why there is no credit for it.  It is returned to our stock in case it is needed on the next job and so forth.  Hopefully this explanation clarifies the situation.

Donna D Webster, NY - Sep 6, 2021

We hired American Custom to replace windows, reside the exterior, and replace some gutters and downspouts in June 2021. Our sales rep. Kevin Mondschein was our first contact with the company, and every step along the way he provided timely advice, estimates, and was so patient with my questions and initial indecision on the siding color. The window install team; Mike and Mike were the first to arrive and they completed the window project with attention to detail and great workmanship. We had some unforeseen water damage to a balcony deck (no fault of American Custom) which was repaired by Mike and Mike, and Roofer Dave at a reasonable cost. The balcony deck is in better structural condition now than the original. Nate and his team arrived promptly every morning at 7:00am to install the siding. Nate and his team were professional, polite, and again provided much attention to detail and great workmanship. Every day they cleaned up before leaving. Kevin stopped by several times while the project was underway to follow up and answer any questions we might have. Kyle (in the office) was also a contact we dealt with and she was pleasant to work with and thorough. The gutter and downspout crew provided excellent workmanship as well. I highly recommend American Custom. They completed the work meeting the proposal estimate costs and estimated time frame to complete the job.

Gary and Brenda Kosa Ontario, NY - Jul 17, 2021

We had a third bay added to our garage this spring. One of our requirements was that the addition would look like it was always there. American accomplished that. Chris (masonry) and his crew ; Jason (framing , roof, vinyl siding) and his crew did a fantastic job. Steve did a good job communication when things would be scheduled. We are very happy with our garage addition and would highly recommend American for any remodel.

Tara and Todd Jones Rochester, NY - Feb 28, 2021

We hired American Custom to re-side our home after seeing several homes in the area transformed by their excellent workmanship. Marc Tantalo helped us choose the perfect product. Their prices after very reasonable and comparable to other companies we had met with. The project proposal was straightforward and easy to understand. Kyle in the office was quick to respond to calls and very courteous. The quality of their work is second to none; they worked quickly with a team that obviously has years of experience. The foreman, Nate, was here on site everyday working. He answered all of our questions, even answering his phone in the evenings to hear our concerns. The final result speaks for itself, our home looks amazing.

Phyllis Sadowski Rochester, NY - Feb 12, 2021

I hired American Customs to replace my windows in my home. They were replaced a couple of weeks ago, the difference is amazing! The house is noticeably warmer and much quieter. Mike and Mike were the 2 installers and were wonderful. The job took 4 days and every day when they left they cleaned up and took all the debris and old windows with them. They were punctual and did an outstanding job. I have a couple other projects to complete and will not hesitate to use American Custom again or recommended them to my friends and family. Great job folks!

Lucy Lester Webster, NY - Jan 19, 2021

I have used American Custom over the years for several projects and have had the opportunity to meet and work with all the ownership. I am currently having work done Outside in this cold weather by this company. The Amazing Mike and his partner are truly the most considerate, hard working, trustworthy and professional team I have ever met! They represent the ownership in the best possible way. The television commercials do not say enough about the level of professionalism that this company offers!!!

Dee T Rochester, NY - Dec 18, 2020

Steve Gallagher was AMAZING. I am a first time homeowner and he took me step by step on the projects I wanted done. He made me feel very comfortable and did not pressure me into making any immediate decisions.

Linda and Barry Bordwell Penfield, NY - Oct 8, 2020

We could not be happier with the planning, workmanship, professionalism and excellent outcome of our sunroom. Bryan helped us through the design process, communicated with us along the way, and put the Mike and Mike team on our installation. They were hardworking, responsible and courteous. They were here on time, worked tirelessly and cleaned up thoroughly. The Bordwells are happy. Thanks for giving us a dream room!

Christine Zawodzinski Rochester, NY - Oct 5, 2020

We have a 90+ year old home with a large roof that is sloped in many places and had been patched several times over the decades. It was literally falling apart in places, and when the time came to completely replace it, I am so thankful that American Custom was able to take on the job. It was a huge project because of the complicated roof lines and details and they did an amazing job. From the complete roof tear-off & replacement, to trim work to repair around a special window to replacing gutters - every single crew that worked on it was on time, professional, courteous and worked non-stop from the moment they arrived until they left. And they did it all during the hottest weeks of this past summer. They were careful to clean up each day and when each part of the job was done did a thorough walk-around picking up every single nail or staples or bit of trash they could find. The project managers at the office were excellent in coordinating everything and our sales/project rep, Kevin Mondschein, did a fantastic job visiting the site, following up on anything that was needed and keeping us informed along the way. The transformation is incredible - we have received so many compliments on the change and feel much better knowing we are ready for winter and don't have to worry about the roof anymore! Thanks to everyone who worked on our house & behind the scenes - you all did a fantastic job and we will use American Custom again in the future.

Chuck Boehm Rochester, NY - Oct 4, 2020

I couldn't be more pleased. I had a complete Roof with tear off. Kevin M was excellent very knowledgeable and clear. The whole crew worked very good together. I believe I was giving a reasonable estimate. I could not find anything to complain about.

Stan S. Rochester, NY - Apr 11, 2020

Before choosing to work with American Custom, we had 5 quotes on siding done. I asked each to give me addresses of jobs they had done, so I could visit and inspect. I determined the quality of material and the quality of workmanship by American Custom was by far the best. When the job was done we were surprised and pleased with the craftsmanship. We have had so many compliments on our house by people walking by. We will contact American Custom in the future if we have any other jobs to do.

Cory & Rebecca M. Fairport, NY - Oct 17, 2019

We had initially hired American Custom to replace all of the windows in our home and also replace the siding. After Marc came out for an initial consultation, we decided to replace our roof as well. Our new roof, windows, and siding look fantastic. Our home was noticeably quieter and warmer this winter. Marc and his team clearly make quality their top priority.

Melvyn Rosengarden Rochester, NY - Aug 8, 2019

I was pleased with every aspect of this job (Roof, Insulation, Venting,Gutters) and everyone I came in contact with. I felt the salesman (Steve G.) was acting in the role of a knowledgeable consultant and thoroughly documented all work to be performed. The scheduling office (Kyle M) constantly kept me informed of when crews would arrive and immediately notify me if any changes were made due to weather or any other issue. The roofing led by Cruz was fantastic. They worked in adverse freezing winter conditions with great spirits and enthusiasm. They were a polite, professional well oiled machine that did the worked and thoroughly cleaned by property when done. Although I can't remember everyone's names I can say the same good things about the siding and gutter crew. There was some minor drywall damage that occurred during sky light installation and American immediately sent a great young guy (Dylan) to repair and paint the damaged area. I am sure you will find contractors with lower estimates, I felt this was a job that would last a lifetime and having the confidence that it would be done right the first time with no surprises was the right decision. I would be glad to recommend American to anyone.

Pat and Jerry R. Rochester, NY - Jul 1, 2019

Marc came to our home immediately to get the new roofing going. I was hospitalized for 3 weeks at that time and he assisted my wife with our insurance company and the insurance estimates to prepare the way to get the new roof installed. Shortly after that we proceeded with the siding and windows. We will always be grateful for the work he did to help us through these projects during my illness.

Anthony Guidice Rochester, NY - May 15, 2019

We've hired this company 3 times, and each time they've done terrific work. They worked miracles in our tottering 1905 house installing a shower and 2 large closets. In the current house, they did equally good work replacing entry doors, all the windows, and renovating the bathroom. American Custom has considerate, polite workmen - and they're wholly competent. If you hire someone cheap - window guys, contractors, roofers - you're asking for trouble; trouble MUCHO! The deal looks good until they start and your life becomes an utter misery. And soon, the permanent mistakes have become a permanent drag. But hire the best contractors and very soon you won't care about the money anymore and you'll have a proper job.(1) Superior quality (2) Finish on Time (3) Price -- Pick 2 . . . If you want diligence, competency, and professionalism, then you pay for it. If you skimp, you'll get what you deserve: lousy work. As my Chinese client says, "Buy the best and cry once."

Kelly Burns OBrien Rochester, NY - May 9, 2019

I can’t begin to express my gratitude to the wonderful staff at American Custom Exteriors. Kevin Mondschein exceeded our expectations throughout the entire process and was just a call or message away if we had any questions. We love that each facet of the business had it’s own qualified team of installers so they were masters at their specific tasks. Our window installers, Mike & Mike, were meticulous, professional and overall wonderful during the installation process. We couldn’t be happier and would highly recommend them to anyone who inquires.

Todd Trask Rochester, NY - Apr 2, 2019

We could not be more pleased with the professionalism and attention to detail ACE provided. From start to finish the staff is amazing, when they completed the project you could not even tell they were there, very clean and the job turned out amazing! We put out trust in Marc and his staff and they made our home look amazing. Make sure you put them at the top of your list!

Ellen Fetzner Rochester, NY - Feb 14, 2019

We are so glad we chose American Custom to do our remodeling project. Everyone we dealt with was fantastic. Steve kept us informed and did a great job coordinating all the different aspects of the job. All the workers were great. They were all prompt, neat, professional and they did a great job cleaning up every day. Our 3 season room came out great!

Steve Witte Rochester, NY - Feb 2, 2019

American Custom Exteriors and Interiors renovated our kitchen and bathroom in the 100 year old house we bought in East Rochester and they did a top quality job at a very good price. Juan and his team, who worked on our house, showed great attention to detail, workmanship and even added custom shelves to our bathroom that really make a huge difference. Our job involved plumbing, roofing, siding, electric and interior renovations and American Custom has expertise in all these areas which was reflected in how well and how on schedule the job was done. I highly recommend you check them out if you are looking to do any work on your house outside or inside! Steve Witte

Diane M. Rochester, NY - Dec 6, 2018

American Custom was recommended to me by another siding contractor (believe it or not). After I called, it was only a matter of days before the Account Executive, Kevin M., came out to see me and discuss my project. I had already spoken with three other contractors. Kevin was the only one to ask me to walk him around the house and look at the existing siding. He asked me questions about what I wanted, what my concerns were, and listened to my answers. He showed me some options for siding and colors - we even talked about our mutual love of dogs! - and he said he'd be back in touch. Within a week, he called again and asked to come back out to present his proposal. NONE of the other contractors had bothered to do that in person - just sent an estimate, lump sum, with no itemization of what they would do, what was included, what I was getting, etc. ONLY American Custom took the time to carefully go over the estimate, again listening to my concerns, and finding the best solution for my budget. They were not the lowest estimate, but they were not the highest. They were also about $5000 above my budget - but they offered financing, at a competitively low 5.99% APR, which none of the other contractors did. They do not take a down payment - like the others insisted. All payment is collected after the job is complete. The sales team even warned me about this deceptive contracting practice - NO ONE should EVER be expected to pay up front, for a legitimate contracting job. An important lesson I can apply to all future jobs ...! They offered proof of insurance and indemnification from liability in case of an accident on the job - unlike any of the others. They provided a detailed written contract - again, taking the time to walk me through it and answer all my questions and concerns. When it came time for the job, I lucked out when they had an opening, and my siding was done about 4 weeks ahead of estimated start time. The crew foreman, Nick, and his team of installers were brilliant. They started each day around 7 am and wrapped up around 4 pm each afternoon. Every day they cleaned up the yard, swept out the garage, and even raked the flower beds where dust and debris had fallen during the course of work. Courteous, polite, respectful, fun and friendly, these guys were a truly team of professionals. They also took the time to explain additional repairs and associated costs (I had some serious wood rot they discovered, in some places, which we had anticipated during the sales/estimate phase, so that was no surprise). The job was finished within 5 days, except the shutters (which came in about 2-3 days later) and the gutters (which followed about a week later). Now the project is complete and I couldn't be happier! I highly recommend American Custom contractors, and plan to call them in for some interior work in the future.

We at American Custom take pride in our workmanship and are proud to stand behind our work.  Many of our projects and products offer a lifetime warranty that can even be transferred to a new owner.  Specific warranty details are provided with each estimate.

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