Don't let it be enough for a company to just tell you they are insured.... have them prove it to you. It is your right to know and it is for your protection.

We understand how important it is for our consumers to be able to confirm our insurance coverages. Below you will find names and numbers to call to confirm our coverages and prove that we hold the proper amount of insurance for the types of work we perform.

Please feel free to call our insurance carriers to verify our coverages.


Liability Insurance

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31 Lewis Street, Suite 201, Binghamton, NY 13901

Direct: 607.338.1247 | Phone: 607.754.3500 x45229 | Fax: 607.754.9797


Workers' Compensation Insurance

New York State Insurance Fund

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Workers' Compensation cannot be verified over the phone or on-line. If you are seriously considering American Custom to be your contractor and would like to verify our compensation coverage, please email us or call our office at (585)723-8072 and we will be happy to issue you an actual certificate of insurance. Please be sure to let us know your full name and address, we will need it in order to issue the certificate.

We at American Custom take pride in our workmanship and are proud to stand behind our work.  Many of our projects and products offer a lifetime warranty that can even be transferred to a new owner.  Specific warranty details are provided with each estimate.

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