Of the many ways in which homeowners can improve their home, having a room addition or living space expansion is clearly one of the most impressive, not to mention, among the most complicated. Room additions require a vast amount of knowledge and experience in a wide range of areas, ranging from construction and energy efficiency, to windows, siding, insulation, and many others. Ultimately, the company you choose to design, plan, and implement your expansion will play a significant role in the finished work.

Living room addition on Rochester NY home

At American Custom Exteriors and Interiors, we’ve worked on many room additions and home expansions over the past four decades here in the Rochester, NY area. Whether you need room for a growing family or simply want to change the look and feel of your home, here are a few ways in which we can help make it happen:

  • Expert design and installation services for room additions of all sizes
  • We’ve worked on every type of home in the greater Rochester region
  • Our team is vastly experienced in all aspects of residential room additions
  • We work closely with each homeowner to ensure that no details go overlooked
  • Room additions are a wonderful way to improve home value and curb appeal
  • Ideal for mudrooms, enclosed porches, sunrooms, play areas, offices, etc.

If you’re a homeowner in the Rochester area who’s been considering a room addition, we invite you to learn more about why so many others throughout Monroe County have placed their trust in our team of experts. To learn more, discuss your project goals or plan a time to meet, get in touch with American Custom Exteriors and Interiors and we’ll do everything we can to make the process flawless from start to finish.

American Custom Exteriors and Interiors is located at 2015 Maiden Lane in Rochester, and can be reached by phone at 585-723-8072 or via email by filling out the short contact form on our secured website.